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Dan Kembery

F&E Lead College Team Coach

Dan Kembery


Quickfire Questions with Football & Education

How long have you worked in the F & E Department?

I have been part of the F&E department for just over a year now.

Name one thing that separates Moors from other F & E programmes?

I think the fact that we have a clear pathway and there are opportunities for hard-working, talented players to train with the first team.

Typical week?

On Monday and Tuesday afternoons we coach the lads in preparation for matches in the week. We go over our patterns of play, how we want them to set up in and out of possession. As coaches, we give our players things to think about ahead of the game.

Wednesdays, we have our games and hopefully, the lads implement into those matches, everything that we have worked on in training.

Thursday, the day after the game, is used as a recovery session for the lads who played. This session consists of a lot of stretches and light mobility work.

Then on Friday we up the intensity again and work on things that we have highlighted for improvement from the Wednesday game. We then go into small-sided games to work the lads hard ahead of their weekend.

Describe yourself in three words:

Passionate; Motivated; Ambitious

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