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Cory White

Lead Football & Education Coach

Cory White


Quickfire Questions with Football & Education

How long have you worked in this role?

I have worked in the F & E department for over a year now. I started in August 2019.

Name one thing that separates Moors from other F & E programmes?

Compared to other programmes, the Moors programme allows students to follow a range of different career paths including university, apprenticeships and entering into semi-professional/professional football careers.

The programme gives players the opportunity to be on the pitch every single day, whether that be at the college or at the stadium. Training at the Stadium is great for the lads as it provides the perfect environment for them to be driven to achieve.

It gives me great pleasure to work with individuals for two years, watch them develop and become fantastic, highly-motivated and successful people. That is why, in my opinion, Moors are a cut above the rest.

Typical week?

Monday and Tuesday we usually have more intense sessions consisting of fitness, technical & tactical practice or match preparation.

Wednesday is game day.

Thursday is recovery day. These sessions are usually more relaxed and less strenuous. This day is also used for match analysis or other classroom activities.

Friday is a mixed day. Each Friday is never the same. We like to change it up depending on what us as a coaching staff, agree is best for the players.

Describe yourself in three words:

Ambitious; Passionate; Supportive

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