On the eve of Halloween, Prime Minister Boris Johnson provided a scare of his own, announcing a National Lockdown for the UK.

In the wake of that decision, it meant that grassroots football would be suspended until the latest December 2nd, 2020.

As a result, it meant that Moors’ Youth & Juniors programme had once again been halted.

With many of Moors’ teams making an excellent start to the 2020/21 season, it was a real kick in the teeth.

Just as some of the club’s brightest young stars started to excel and gain some form, their progress was brought to an immediate stand still.

In light of this, Paul Hasker caught up with Anthony Hasker, his father but also the man tasked with heading up the 92-team strong Youth & Juniors section at the Moors.

“It really is a situation like no other,” said Ant. “I nor anyone has ever had to deal with something like this before.

“After the news broke that grassroots would be suspended once again for the second time in six months, it was a tough one to take.”

But Moors’ youth coaches didn’t use the announcement as an excuse, instead they came up with innovative ways to keep their players engaged.

“The coaches have been really good,” said Ant. “Most of our section have their own WhatsApp groups where they have put on Zoom sessions and meetings.

“We have made sure that the groups have given players, more particularly the younger ones, objectives to do and ball mastery sessions.

“It has been a case of adapting. Everyone has, it’s just the way of the times.”

Ant, 42, is pleased how the teams have coped but admitted the return of football can’t come soon enough, so that he can get back to doing the job that he loves.

“It’s been hard for me,” said Ant. “I am a full-time member of staff at the club, I have things to do every day and every week.

“But the coaching side is a release point for us. As a coach at the Moors, I really miss it. I run three teams myself.

“Just in general, the contact with the parents every day, I’m in groups with them too. But the kids, I don’t get contact with.

“So, you lose a bit of that camaraderie, so it’s not a great time. But I just want to get back out there to see the lads and the girls.”