The Moors 4's is less than two months away, if you haven't already, be sure to sign up!

In need of convincing, then take a couple of minutes out of your day to read the below and find out the real reason to support.

Time to Find the Foundation a Home!

The Solihull Moors Foundation works tirelessly to improve the lives of those living in the local area, but they have never had a place to call home.

That is until NOW!

This summer marks an exciting landmark for the Foundation with the building of the Community Hub.

A place that will serve as a drop-in centre for the community, a safe haven for the vulnerable, and a home to the many projects in which the charity is involved.

And here it is!!

The Moors 4's event is the flagship fundraiser which will lead to a multitude of other events geared towards raising money for this incredible space!

Click HERE if you're yet to join!

An incredible space that will house a number of incredible rooms that will serve the Solihull community.

From a sensory room and health & well-being room to a community fitness suite, the Hub is there to cater for all.

But the Hub will not just happen, we need all of you to stand up and be counted.

Let's kick things off with The Moors 4's, it's the perfect way for us to get the ball rolling and to get involved in the first chapter of what promises to be an incredible story.

We need to come together as a community, as members of the Moors family, and take the first steps to make a difference.

And there really is no better example of doing that, than having a look at our Hero of the Week!

Karl is the coach of our U8KF team, who play in the Central Warwickshire Youth Football League.

Last weekendโ€™s cup game against Arden Forest went to penalties and the referee seemed to miscount the score, giving Karl and his team the win. 3-2 when, in fact, it was still level at 2-2.

The referee left and the Arden Forest players were despondent, especially the goalkeeper who had saved three penalties.

However, in an outstanding act of kindness and sportsmanship, Karl and his wonderful set of U8KF team parents have asked the league for the game to be replayed โ€“ a fantastic advert for our football club.

A Special Club

An incredibly wholesome gesture I think you will all agree and a small reminder to us all of what makes Moors uniquely special!

From top to bottom, we all work to create an environment where humility and kindness are embraced, where community is always the winner.

Together we are Stronger.

Time to Build a Legacy

Fund the Foundation

Continue the Journey

Carry on Moors' Story

The Moors 4's, an Event 4 All.