Solihull Moors are delighted to have welcomed Four Corners Roofing on board this season and the club are proud to partner with such a thriving business.

Four Corners are a Midlands based roofing company who go above and beyond in offering a high-quality service to the local community.

Their emphasis on helping the community sees Four Corners perfectly aligned to the Moors ethos of making a real positive impact on those living in the Solihull area.

An attitude epitomised by owners Chris Wenlock and Antony Hudson who, in spite of the uncertainty of recent times, have shown their local club a great deal of support this year.

They took the decision to enter Moors’ £5k sponsorship draw in the summer, becoming members of the Moors family, something the pair are proud to be a part of.

“Both Antony and I are incredibly proud of how the company has grown. Associating ourselves with a club like Solihull Moors gives us immense pride,” said Chris.

“We wanted to show support for our local team, show support for the local community and getting people around the area to know the name Four Corners.

“We do an awful lot of work around the Solihull area, we both love football so what better way to get our name out there.

“All we hope for is that if people need a roofer, all we want them to do is take a look at us, not give us the work but go onto our website and speak to those we have worked with. Just take the time to see who we are.

“I think it’s important that we build up that sense of community, so people know who they can go to and who they can trust.”

Chris and Antony started up Four Corners Roofing three years ago. They saw a gap in the market and having previously worked together, took up the opportunity to create a business.

They began as just the two of them, but the amount of work soon led to hiring a bigger task force and Four Corners now have three teams of roofers.

“We are a fledgling business, we have been going for a few years, we are doing well but we are always looking to expand," said Antony.

“We know that we are going to have to keep expanding, we are planning to have five or six teams on the road.

“But for us, it’s important to pick the right people to carry out the job ensuring that, across the team, the standard of work meets the standards that we expect.

“A lot of our work comes from word of mouth, or recommendations from people we are already working for, the neighbours or their friends.

“We often find ourselves in a street working on one job, then fast forward three months down the line and we are doing work for all the other people on that same street.”

Moors are fully committed to delivering the message and ensuring Four Corners is the name on people’s lips when it comes to their roofing needs.

Anne-Marie Eden, CEO of Solihull Moors, is delighted to have seen Four Corners join the Moors story this season.

“For Chris and Antony to show the support that they have, given the circumstances, just shows that members of our community can really associate with the club,” she said.

“Four Corners are a company really heading places and we as a club hope to help them on their way of fulfilling that growing ambition.

“Moors are always happy to champion local business and work alongside others who are making positive changes to the community.”