*Picture taken in 2019.

Moors are forever focused on giving back to the local community and at this time of year, they are determined to bring a little festive cheer to those in need.

Due to the pandemic, Moors believe it is all the more important to offer their support to vulnerable families who otherwise would go without during the festive period.

Teaming up with Renewal, the club have backed the charity’s toy appeal and this year, hundreds of children will now be treated to the gift of reading thanks to Moors.

“It really has been amazing to have the support of Solihull Moors this year,” said Naomi, Renewal’s Community Project Leader, on receiving the club’s book donation.

“Every year at Renewal we have our toy offering, where we get to support the local families in the area.

“This year we have had over 450 children referred and we are really excited to be able to give out the annuals that Moors have given and donated to us.

“It has given us the chance to really encourage young people and children to read. To take the time and share the joy of reading together.”

Renewal are a church based charity who strive on reaching out to the community and their mantra of every ‘one’ matters is a message which resonates with the Moors.

The Midlands charity have Moors’ full support and Naomi registered her delight at the club providing Renewal with such a great backing.

“To have the support of a club like Moors behind us really helps to spread the charity’s reach,” she said.

“It makes people aware of the work we do as a charity, start to understand us as an organisation and begin to realise how we help in the community.

“To be able to work together with Moors really is a blessing and I think both sides benefit from the partnership that we have.”

But it’s not just in the lead up to Christmas that Moors have been pro-active, the club has been lending a hand throughout the year.

In particular, Renewal were grateful of the club’s contribution to their Helping Hands food bank appeal, which ensured families in need received food and toiletry parcels.

“We have had our Helping Hands food bank. Throughout the Covid pandemic we have delivered over 7000 food parcels,” Naomi said.

“A lot changed, we made our parcels, seven days a week food parcels, we had an amazing team of volunteers, delivering, collecting and sorting.
“Moors were so generous, donating money so that we could then go and purchase the much-needed items so that nobody went without.”

To find out more about Renewal, please visit: https://renewalcc.com