There are no excuses not to be a part of Moors’ biggest fundraiser this year. The Moors 4’s is for everyone and now it’s time for every single one of you to get involved!

We know that running isn’t for everyone, so we have decided to open up the Moors 4’s to all suggestions, all we ask is that it involves the number four.

So, move over three, four is the new magic number and here’s four alternative ways you can take part in the Moors 4’s.

  1. Why not 4 laps of the garden every 4 hours, time to release your inner Captain Tom!
  2. Or how about…40 star jumps every 4 hours, that will get the blood pumping.
  3. Challenge yourself with 40 sit ups every 4 hours, that’s sure to test the core.
  4. Take a trip to skills school and do 40 keepie uppies every 4 hours, there’s one for all you budding footballers out there!

Just a few ideas to kick things off but there will be plenty more in the coming weeks, so keep a close eye on Moors’ social media channels.

But whichever way you decide to support the event, make sure you do!

The event may be in June but it’s never too early to get active, so click HERE to sign up today!