Solihull Moors FC - Bloxwich Town 4 (2) MAFC 3 (2)
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Bloxwich Town 4 (2) MAFC 3 (2)
Moors Self Destruct
PUBLISHED: 11th Sep 17

Hampered by injuries to key players, Moors Academy nevertheless fielded a strong side for this cup tie. Yet Town won the game because they wanted it rather more than did the young Moors.

On a very difficult pitch, the Moors got off to the perfect start. In the second minute following a Moors Corner on their left, Ryan Andrews hit the net from thirty yards.

As the home side responded to this set back, they showed that they had but one tactic, the long ball forward for two forwards to chase, which they did over and again. Just three minutes after going in front, the lack of pace displayed by the Moros back four was exposed as the long ball fell to Town and suddenly they were level. The whole aspect of the game changed.

Town pumped ball after ball forward, with Moors Academy playing a passing game. Indeed one could say that the visitors were the team playing all the football. Which tactics would carry the day? It looked to be the Moors, as on thirteen minutes Jerome Clarke latched on to a through ball from Ryan Andrews to score with ease.

The game was hampered by the award of a host of off side decisions, twenty over the course of the ninety minutes.

The Moors were well on top as the first half progressed. Nathan Hansard could have ensured a third goal for his team had he passed at the appropriate moment. But as it was, he tried to hold on to the ball, and the chance was lost.

Callum Coyle was inches wide with a well judged free kick. As the half hour mark  approached, Town won a corner and the ball was headed at the back post, into the side netting. It was a warning the Moors would have been well advised to heed.

Although the Moors were the better side, they were always vulnerable to that long ball. Awarded a free kick wide on the left and way out, Town managed to get the ball into the net and score.

This heralded a collapse by the visitors. There was the first of a number of mix-ups at the back. This time Town hit the post but worse was to come. Jack Forrest made the first fumble and was rescued by Nathan Hansard. Shortly after, the ‘Keeper displayed his shot stopping qualities with a tremendous save point black.

Town made a change for the re-start and set about winning the game while the Moors retreated into their shell. Too many Moors players showed that they did not fancy the physical side of the game. Jack Forrest had a nightmare in goal for the second half, gifting the ball straight to a Town forward on eight occasions.

Although the Moors restricted Town to just two shots on target in the second half, both of these resulted in goals. With six minutes to go, Mullally got the gaol his play deserved, Yet instead of swamping the home Area, the Moors once again retreated into their own half.

Town were the winners, and deservedly so for they wanted it more than did the Moors. Playing pretty football is just not enough. Heart and passion come into play as well. The Academy this term has much to learn.

Moors: Forrest; Hansard; Hirst; Sephton; Chisholm (Ward); Bennett; Clarke [13] (Panton); Andrews (c) [2]; Mullally [86]; Coyle; Attwood (Bour). Sub not used: Hamer.

Next match: MAFC v Inkberrow at Tally Ho Saturday 16th September 2017

Report from Ronald Crane


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