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Liam McDonald on The Supporters Coach
You Pay to Watch Us – it is Your Football Club
PUBLISHED: 1st May 17

Liam McDonald Talks to the Fans After the Guiseley Match

Just before the supporters coach pulled away from Guiseley, the away fans were treated to a guest on the bus in the shape of Liam McDonald! This is the gist of what he had to say;

“I wanted to thank you on behalf of us all for being the loudest people in the ground on so many of our travels. I can’t tell you how much difference it makes for the players.

 You, the supporters have every right to express your opinions about me and the team  - you pay to watch us – it is your football club!  We had a really poor spell which was a testing time for us all and during the bad days it really helped when the players shouldered the blame for what had happened on the pitch because no matter how much we set everything up for them, there are times when they cross the white line and it just doesn’t happen.

We came through and results picked up, so much so that the players are disappointed that the season is finishing. It’s only since Eastleigh that I have been able to really enjoy what we have achieved. Joining a new club which had success with Marcus, jumping up two leagues, so many changes - it has been a hard season for me too. I am gaining experience as we progress!

When I arrived towards the end of last year the one thing the Executive naturally wanted was that we should stay in the National League and we have done that now. During that time we have also seen all the ground improvements required by the FA put in place so that we can move forward next season.

We will still be a part time team in a full time league and that brings with it problems especially when we have a run of two games each week. I know you have understood what that means, even though we have a very fit and young squad. All our players have other jobs and the mid week games are not easy for them. Sometimes they have had to take lifts to the away grounds because work has not allowed time to catch the team coach. The players never moan about it – they embrace it because they just love playing for our club.

I also appreciate that with all the changes you have seen the departure of some of your favourite players. It is good to see that the new lads are already finding a place in your affections.

We are a young side and next season we will add some experienced players to help us progress. That said I am proud of the fact that we probably have more local team players than any other club in the National League – they are lads from Solihull and Birmingham who are proud to be representing the local club

 We will be back training early on for new season. There will be hard times and I know we will stick together to get through them.

 Enjoy your summer break – I will have a holiday before the Awards evening and hope to see many of you there on the 12th May.

Thank you so much for your support”




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