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Ashley Sammons Q&A
*The local lad answers your questions - by Scott Findlay.*
PUBLISHED: 11th Apr 17
From Twitter: 

Q: @Toontait -  What has been the hardest aspect of playing in the National League?

AS: ‘I think playing against the full-time teams, it’s obviously tough for a part-time team like us. It can sometimes take its toll as games go on. As you get to this stage of the season the full-time teams are a little bit fitter than you. So that’s probably the hardest part for us, maintaining fitness.’

Q: @tomritchie1982 -  Who’s the biggest joker in the dressing room?

AS: ‘Probably Dales (Liam Daly), the captain. He loves having a good crack to be fair to him. So yeah Daly.’

Q: @Redditch_Reject -  What’s your favourite goal you’ve scored in your career?

AS: ‘I’ve got two. One was in the Play-off Semi Final last year, a half-volley when I was playing for Redditch. My other was at Anfield as a youngster playing for Birmingham. Unbelievable stadium and a good goal to be fair.’

From Facebook:

Q: John Roberts - What do you think has been the reason behind our poor form recently and do you think we can find form again to survive in the league?

AS: ‘We can definitely find it again, I think the poor form is down to confidence. But in the dressing room and when all of us are together there is a good atmosphere and there is a good buzz. I’m definitely not worried about picking up six points in the next few games.York is a massive game. I fully believe we can beat anyone around us in this league and think we can pick up the points we need.’

Q: Carol Wilby - What’s the highest total of goals you have scored in a season?

AS: ‘Highest is 30, bang on 30. It was last game of the season; I hit the bar, I was trying everything score, shooting from everywhere to try and get to thirty goals. It eventually came with a penalty, this was whilst I was playing for Redditch.’

Q: Andy Walker -  Did you always visualise playing for Solihull at some point in your career?

AS: ‘I’ve always wanted to, it’s a very special place for me. It’s where I was born, it’s where all my friends and family are living. I’ve always wanted to, I’ve just always ended up at different places. Being here at the highest level that they’ve been is an honour to me.’

From Instagram:

Q: @CGouldy -  Who is the most skilful player at the club?

AS: ‘It’s definitely not me… I would say Omari Sterling-James, his feet are sharp, he’s got loads of different skills that I would have no hope in doing.’

Q: @Addams_family_Festa - Who’s the longest in the shower?

AS: ‘Joel Kettle definitely… he’s got a lot to clean!’
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