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Inkberrow 4 Moors Academy 1
*Inkberrow dent Moors promotion hopes - by Ron Crane*
PUBLISHED: 2nd Apr 17
This defeat has put a huge dent in Moors Academy’s promotion hopes. Truth to tell the home side deserved the three points. What they did, they did well. A decent defence and concentrate on set pieces. Three of their four goals came from set pieces, and the fourth was a solo effort that rubbed salt in the visitors’ wounds.

On a changeable and windy day, one feared the worse right from the kick-off. In the first minute Ben Nitiri’s kick was not good and went straight to James. Fortunately his shot was blocked, but it was a warning of things to come.

A great run on the left by Hirst resulted in a good cross met by Okoro. It also was blocked. Then Inkberrow were awarded a Corner on their right. Read turned it into the goal with the Moors defence staring in disbelief. It got worse, much worse. At twenty-four minutes the home side had a free kick some nineteen yards out and to the left of centre. Potter headed home. Inside thirty minutes and high-flying Moors were two goals done to a side in tenth place. Just after the half hour mark, James danced through the Moors defence and slotted home to make it three. So much for ideas of progressing into the top three positions.

Three minutes later, the Moors pressed high up the field, robbed ‘Berrow in their last third and Shade pulled one back. It was the first time the Moors had played as we know they can. But could they pull back the other two goals? The Moor shad one more chance before the half-time whistle. This was when an Inkberrow defensive kick hit their own bar and was eventually cleared.

Enjoying far more possession than the home side, and playing far better football, the Moors were three goals to one down. The home side were mustard at set pieces, and staunch in defence. The Moors were just not at the races.

Within two minutes of the start of the second half, Dawson, the Inkberrow Goal Keeper handled the ball after releasing it and an indirect free kick was awarded to the Moors some six yards out. With all the defence drawn to their left to defend the kick, the ball was slipped to Kyle Mullally who, some four yards out, and unmarked, sliced his kick so that it ended up nearer the corner pin than the goal. A golden chance had gone begging.

Nine minutes into the second half, The Moors were awarded a Penalty. Dawson saved with ease, what was a terribly weak Penalty. Another golden opportunity had gone begging. Instead of the score being three – all, and the impetuous running with the visitors, the score was still three- one with the force with the hole side.

With one notable exception, The Moors were encamped in the Inklberrow half of the field, indeed in their last third. They started to play as we know they can. Shot after shot, cross after cross, rained into the Inkberrow Area. Goalkeeping and stout defence, combined with some woeful shooting, ensured that the visitors did not score again. With the home side hanging in, they were awarded a free kick some thirty yards out wide on their left. Good delivery was headed home by Davies to seal the victory.

The home side deserved their three points, and Moors went home to lick their April Fool’s Day wounds.

On Saturday 8th April, Moors Academy travel to Northfield Town for the Semi-Final of the Challenge Vase.

Moors Academy: Nitir; McNally; Hirst; Willock (Clarke); Taylor ©; Bennett (Hansard); Shade [35]; Andrews; Okoro; Mullally (Siatous); Parsons. Sub not used: Medford.
AFC Fylde 1 Solihull Moors 1 Attendance 2045
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