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Harry White Q&A
*The Moors striker answers your questions*
PUBLISHED: 8th Mar 17
From Facebook: 

Q: Joel Butler: Is there something special about playing for your hometown club? If so, what in particular stands out? 

HW: “It’s good to represent the club where you were born, my dad’s from around Solihull as well so that's good. Compared to last year at Barnsley, where I was travelling up to Barnsley every day. So that helps now being a lot more local, it’s a lot less stressful travelling every day and you can always stay behind a lot longer if you need to or get there early.” 

Q: Glenn Hawkins: When you were on the bench at the start of the season were you frustrated to the point of thinking you may need to move on? Or was you confident enough to know you’d seize your chance when it came? 

HW: “I wouldn't say move on…obviously I was frustrated but you’ve got to learn to channel that…for example, the second game of the season I think it was Woking at home. I came on and scored and then the next game I still couldn't get a start. I just had to keep going really and wait for my time. Luckily this manager has come in and given me my chance, which has been great.”

Q: Richard Griffiths: What is your favourite cheese? 

HW: “I’ve got to go with Brie…I’m a big fan of Brie to be honest.”

From Twitter:

Q: @Gou1d: What is your favourite goal you have scored for Moors?

HW: “I think the Dagenham one just because obviously I was struggling to get a starting spot the whole year, at that point Akwasi (Asante) was on fire I remember. I got my chance to start against Dagenham and hadn't started in a while so I knew I had to take it, I had a lot of pressure on me. It was the third minute I think, I got it on the edge of the box, I’ve taken someone on and put it bottom right. It meant a lot to me because it was a sort of weight off my shoulders.” 

Q: @VitalSMFC: Who is the best defender you’ve ever faced? And who is the best you’ve faced this season? 

HW: “This season I’ll probably go for Michael Morrison for Blues, being a Blues fan as well. He was just great to play against. I’ve always rated him as a player, he was strong and technically good as well. It was a great experience playing against him. The best ever that rings a bell…probably Michael Duberry, ex-Chelsea player. I played against him for Oxford, he was just a tank. He was so hard to play against, I mean every time the ball came to your feet he would just barge you out the way.”

Q: @DomBShort: Is there a different atmosphere around the club in comparison to other clubs you have played for? 

HW: “Yeah, there is always a slight different atmosphere everywhere you go, I feel like it depends on your league position. I’ve been at clubs fighting relegation and luckily I’ve always got out of it, where the camp is quite low. But I’ve been at some clubs, where last year Barnsley got promoted and that was a great atmosphere. Everyone was always buzzing and it was good to be around. Then this club, I feel like we’ve done really well this year. I mean everyone sort of tipped us to go down at the start of the year, so there is a bit of a buzz about the place. We know that we can finish higher than where we are right now, which shows this league definitely isn't too much for us. Everyone is really confident to be fair, so there is a good atmosphere.” 

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